Service, Quality and Safety

Recon specialized in Refractory Services, Piping, Rigging and Specialty Welding.

List of projects:

  • SAPA Aluminum – Refractory Repairs.
  • Suncor Energy – Plant 1 Turnaround (Piping and Refractory Repairs).
  • Tesoro Wilmington Refinery – Heater Refractory and Mechanical Repairs.
  • Rio Tinto (US Borax) – Furnace Refractory and Mechanical Repairs).
  • Freeport McMorran (FMI) – Cold Reheat Exchanger Installation and Ductwork (Mechanical and Structural).
  • Asarco – Wet Gas Cleaning System Installation (Mechanical, Structural, Piping, Electrical, and Instrumentation).
  • ASARCO – Off Gas Recovery System.
  • ExxonMobil – FCC Unit Turnaround 2015.
  • Suncor – B-4 Boiler Water Replacement.
  • Stepan – SO₃ Double Pipe Cooler Replacement.


  • Design

    RECON's Engineering Group can provide design services for new and in-service vessels, piping and equipment.

  • Engineering

    Begun in 1990, RECON has become one of the premier full service construction contractors in the country.

  • Piping & Mechanical

    The RECON welding expertise encompasses structural welds and pressure retaining welds.

  • Refractory

    RECON specializes in the design, installation and repair of high temperature refractory and corrosion resistant linings.

  • Specialty Welding

    This discipline within RECON performs high quality welding services on heavy wall pressure vessels and piping.

  • Rigging

    Safety is paramount in the RECON culture.

  • Robotic Demolition

    RECON has many different size BROKK machines with a wide variety of attachments, jackhammers, buckeyes, scabblers, crushers, and shears.


  • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals

    RECON has over 100 years of industry experience in the Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals industry; performing numerous projects in Aluminum, Copper, Molybdenum, Nickel, and Steel facilities throughout North America.

  • Petrochemical/Refining

    RECON is the best choice for turnaround work as well as routine repairs.

  • Power Generation

    RECON's experience and expertise in the Electric Power Industry covers the entire spectrum of the mechanical aspects of power generation.

  • Chemical

    At Recon, we focus on delivering hand-on service to our clients in chemical industry.

  • Aerospace

    Recon provides services such as refractory installation, specialty welding and fabrication of parts and equipment for Aerospace industry.

  • Cement/Lime

    RECON has been doing work in the cement industry since we opened our doors, and our share in the field still continues to grow year in and year out.

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    Our Process

    RECON consists of project teams that have experience in refractory design and installation; as well as piping and mechanical services. We specialize in T/A and maintenance work for the petrochemical, ferrous and non-ferrous Metals, power, chemical, aerospace, and cement/lime industries.

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    Project Management

    RECON is the best choice for your next turnaround or maintenance project. Our project management staff brings up-front budget analysis, ongoing scheduling and cost updates, as well as decades of experience in the industry with us to every job we do.

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    Safety Program

    At RECON, the safety of our employees is THE top priority on everyone of our projects. We commit ourselves to having injury-free jobsites no matter how big in scale and dedicate ourselves to finding new ways of bringing a new level of safety to the workplace.

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    Safety at Recon

    Safety is a top management commitment at RECON. Every new employee is hired with the expectation that safe work practices are a condition of employment.

Some Of Our Clients
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