RECON is the best choice for turnaround work as well as routine repairs. Below is a list of some of the services we offer that we feel are part of completing projects in a through and complete way:

  • We provide a up front budget analysis packages, which include scheduling, cost breakdowns, complete material evaluation and heat transfer analysis at no cost to our client. We also offer refractory deisgn & engineering at the customer’s request. This service allows the customer to gather & provdide more information to help us all make better and more effcient decisions.
  • We offer unsurpassed experience in installation methods, turnaround planning and current products used in units throughout the industry.
  • During projects/turnarounds we provide updates to the clients with information regarding cost, scheduling progress and any potential roadblocks that might impact the time frame or the cost of the turnaround/project. We take pride in meeting our budgets and scheduled deadlines, as well as submitting suggestions for alternative solutions to problems that we might encounter during schedule driven projects like turnarounds for example.
  • We offer the most experienced group of refractory managers and well-trained installation craftsmen that can be found in the refractory industry anywhere in the world. Our goal is for our craftsmen and management team to always be constantly improving their skillset.
  • We keep complete as-built drawings during project execution and at the completetion of a job we incorporate the changes into the existing drawings. We build new drawings and provide the customer with vellums for their files. We can provide our customers with the drawings in the digital format as requested by the customer thus saving the customer money by eliminating the need to hire computer draftsman to update customer drawings electronically.
  • We have a complete and comprehensive Quality Control Program that is continually modified to incorporate the latest technology, new products and installation methods that are developed. We work closely with the customers engineering departments developing some of the new methods mentioned above.