Our Vision

RECON will strive to be the leader throughout all industries in safety with a world class program. Continuing to maintain the highest quality workmanship and performance found anywhere in the world.

Our Mission

RECON will provide the latest technology, the highest quality design, engineering, and installation and construction methods, while maintaining a productive safety program, with the highest qualified work force, and knowledgeable management team found anywhere in the industry.

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About Us

RECON Engineering & Construction, Inc. is a mid-sized specialty construction company consisting of management and project teams which, combined, have over 300 years of direct hands-on experience in refractory material installation and repair, lining designs, specialty ASME Code welding for boilers and pressure vessels, crew supervision and project management. The experience and abilities of these teams are well known in the industry.


RECON specializes in the design, installation and repair of high temperature refractory and corrosion resistant linings. Our emphasis is on quality work, expeditious service and absolute safety on each job. More specifically, we provide and install all refractory products such as:

  • Low moisture vibrated castables
  • Refractory brickwork
  • Ceramic fiber linings
  • Conventional castables
  • Castable gunite applications
  • Plastic refractory linings
  • Gunned plastic applications
  • Shotcrete refractory
  • Corrosion resistant membranes, acid brickwork, coatings and concrete
  • Quick setting castables
  • Fireproofing


The specialty welding division is experienced in ASME Code welding of pressure piping, boiler and heater tubes and pressure vessels. Getting it done right the first time with emphasis on safe and efficient use of resources is of paramount importance to us. Examples of repairs and installations we have accomplished include:

  • Heater Retube
  • Superheater replacement
  • Waterwall repairs
  • Vessel shell repairs
  • Vessel relocations
  • Pipe installation/relocations
We’re a member of the Better Business Bureau.

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CSLB: 604900

In order to be immediately available to our customers for service and design work, we are available for any emergency situation 24 hours every day. We keep and maintain tools and equipment in a state of readiness in preparation to respond to these calls at our Long Beach facility. Personnel including management, engineering, and crafts are also prepared to respond at a moment’s notice.

RECON is an established company which is extremely strong in all phases of the refractory industry. We bring quality workmanship and expeditious service to each client, including any necessary assistance in the design and selection of complete refractory lining systems, which will provide our customer with the longest possible maintenance-free life for each refractory setting.

We will gladly review your projects and provide cost and scheduling estimates. Please make your initial contact through our Long Beach office, either by mail or phone.

We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.

Our extensive safety program is one of the best in our industry. It includes physical exams, drug screening and employee training in safety and job skills, CPR and first aid. Because we value our most important asset, our employees, this program is the most important part of our services. In other words, we provide quality service in a safe and timely manner.

Our industry experience includes:

  • Oil
  • Cement
  • Glass
  • Petro-chemical
  • Lime
  • Power Generation
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Metal Finishing & Heat Treating