At RECON, we focus on delivering hands-on service to our clients in chemical industry. Our commitment to the industry and our passion in serving our clients make us prominent. We have continued to expand our capabilities to the needs ad requirements of our clients in the chemical industry. RECON engineers are responsible for developing new industrial processes and designing new process plants/equipment or modifying existing ones.


The roles of our experienced team include:

  • Collecting data required to make improvements and/or modifications
  • Overseeing and supervising the construction site
  • Utilizing and developing process simulation software
  • Purchasing and installing equipment
  • Scheduling and coordinating project to tight deadlines and within financial budgets
  • Ensuring installed equipment works to its specification and to desired capacities
  • Assessing safety, environmental issues and risk management
  • Liaising with plant maintenance mangers and plant engineers.
  • Ensuring safe working conditions and compliance with health and safety standards.