RECON has many different sized BROKK machines with a wide variety of attachments, jackhammers, buckeyes, scabblers, crushers, and shears. 

We have machines small enough to fit through a small 24-inch opening and large enough to reach 30 feet.

Our operators are certified and experienced in all fields of BROKK demolition, including cement, copper, aluminum, glass, and paper plants, as well as many more applications.

Please click on machine below to see specs.

Brokk 60
Brokk 150
Brokk 250
Brokk 260
Brokk 330
Brokk 800
  • BROKK 60
  • BROKK 150 QTY-2
  • BROKK 250 QTY-2
  • BROKK-260
  • BROKK 330
  • BROKK 800

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