What to Expect When You Work With Us

Recon always maintains Health, Safety and Environmental Programs to provide our employees and clients with safe and healthful work environments. Our programs are developed to integrate with our client partner processes, and to ensure consistent hazard recognition and controls. Through our training and daily safety processes, we focus on bringing safety to a personal level for everyone on the job site.

  • We provide an upfront budget analysis including scheduling, cost breakdowns, complete material evaluation, and heat transfer analysis at no cost to our client. We also offer design and engineering at the customer’s request. By gathering information from our customers, we are better equipped to make more efficient decisions.
  • We offer unsurpassed experience in installation methods, turnaround planning and current products used in units throughout the industry.
  • During projects, we provide clients with updates regarding cost, scheduling progress and any potential roadblocks that might impact the time frame or the cost of the project. We take pride in meeting budgets and deadlines as well as finding alternative solutions to problems discovered during projects.
  • We work with the most experienced group of project managers and well-trained installation craftsmen in the industry. Our goal is to partner with craftsmen who are constantly improving and maintaining their skills.
  • We utilize state of the art Document Control Systems during the project execution for the tracking, maintaining, and incorporation of changes for all project documents. Once project is complete, all documents are then turned over to the client.
  • We have a complete and comprehensive Quality Control Program that incorporates the latest technology, new products, certified inspectors, and installation methods. We work closely with various engineering groups to maintain and implement to the newest technology available.

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