RECON has worked in the cement industry since we first opened our doors over 28 years ago. Our market share in the cement industry continues to grow with contracts at numerous facilities, including CalPortLand, Lehigh, Mitsubishi, Cemex, and Drake.

We have experience in the following Process Equipment:
  • Preheating Towers
  • Ball Mills
  • Kilns
  • Coolers
  • Roll Mills
  • Coal Mills
  • Gear Replacements
  • Kiln Tire Repair
  • Kiln Shell Replacement
  • All Refractory Linings
  • Bag Houses
  • Seperator’s
  • Cone Crushers
  • Roll Crushers
  • HE Module Installation
  • Cooler Grate Maintenance
  • Cyclone Replacement
  • Robotic Demolition

We Do It Safely,
Or Not At All.

View all of our safety certifications and learn about our required training programs for all of our workers.


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