Our Mission

RECON will provide the latest technology, the highest quality design, engineering, and installation and construction methods, while maintaining a productive safety program, with the highest qualified workforce, and knowledgeable management team found anywhere in the industry.

Our Vision

RECON will strive to be the leader throughout all industries in safety with a world-class program. Continuing to maintain the highest quality workmanship and performance found anywhere in the world.

The Early Years [1990-2000]

The RECON story began in the summer of 1990 when our founders realized there was a better way of doing business.

The founders had a vision of a company that would provide high-quality work and services along with a first class working environment for its employees. A company that would allow the team freedom to create, develop, and to grow its client base and maintain long-term client relationships.

To accomplish this, they decided to start their own company and RECON was born.

They were soon joined by several former colleagues who also shared their vision and values. By October of the same year, they had started work on their first contract worth $1.5 million and were growing.

For the first 5 years, the team focused on refractory engineering, design, and installation. We successfully managed major projects for a few clients, and coordinated engineering efforts.

Growth & Change [2000-2013]

In the late 90’s a group of individuals offered to bring their exceptional welding and mechanical skills to the company and establish the mechanical division. This was a perfect match as these individuals and RECON had already worked on numerous projects together with excellent results.

Throughout the early 2000s, the ownership changed when two shareholders purchased the company. In 2008 the youngest shareholder Roger F. Beal (an original co-founder) passed away following a gallant three-year battle with Cancer.

His commitment to grooming his successor was accomplished, therefore his legacy is not forgotten. With one original shareholder remaining and a group of dedicated, committed employees who later became board members and managers the business continued on.

Moving Forward [2014-Present]

In 2013 the sole shareholder and president stepped aside and turned the position over to Joseph Longstreet to lead the company into the future. Following a very successful year in 2014, the sole shareholder invited three of the company management teams to join him in ownership and begin the transition to the next generation with the hope that the company remain with the employees, the people who have made it what it is today, and that RECON continue to have that WE attitude.

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