Job Summary

Skilled in all aspects of their respective trade (i.e.: piping, welding, layout, fitting… exc.). Perform specialty welding on a variety of materials (stainless, superalloy, carbon steel) in a variety of positions. Perform code-compliant welds as required to complete work (e.g. ASME B31.3, ASME VIII). Has an individual responsibility for the quality of installation and expedience of accomplishing that work. Performs rigging duties at an advanced level including critical lift planning & execution, signalman, rigging layout/selection and rigging inspection. Operates cranes when qualified/trained to do so.


  • Qualified and capable of passing numerous welding skill level tests.
  • NCEER welding certification for craft position as required.
  • NCEER rigging certification for craft position as required.
  • Welder coupon test certification(s) for relevant welding procedures.
  • Competent in reading and understanding line or equipment drawings.
  • Two (2) or more years of Construction or Industry working experience.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of design techniques, welding equipment, materials, and quality control.
  • Demonstrate ability to read and understand Weld and Repair procedures.

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