Specialty WeldingBack


This discipline within RECON performs high quality welding services on heavy wall pressure vessels and piping. Intricate layout and difficult access on materials ranging from carbon steel, to P-91, to various stainless steels and even the more exotic Hastelloys and Inconels are our specialty. RECON can either shop or field fabricate piping spools of any material and any thickness.

Whether as a stand alone service for welding only, or as part of a larger construction/maintenance effort including: factory and project management, RECON specialty welding services get the job done safely, on time and within budget with a quality level that assures the repair or installation will perform the first time.. everytime.

Components Repaired/Installed

  • Boiler waterwalls
  • Heater coils
  • Superheaters/Reheaters
  • ASME/API vessel repairs
  • Structural steel

Materials of Construction

  • Carbon steel
  • Carbon steel; 317 SS; Inconel 625
  • Carbon steel; P-91; T-22; 317 SS
  • Carbon steel; stainless steels
  • Carbon steel; galvanized steel