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Converter Retrofit Project (Emission controls upgrade)

Ferrous & Non-ferrous Metals |Rigging
Converter Retrofit Project
754,000 man hours with 2 first aids and 0 lost time injuries

Complete retrofit on operating Copper Smelting plant. Performed all civil, Mechanical, Piping, Refractory, and Electrical on project. Installed new precipitator, baghouses, 17’x32;’ converters (3), spray chambers, belts, screw feeders, overhead cranes, siding, and all ancillary equipment. Consisting of the following commodity quantities 90,368 ft of pipe, 240,000 ft of wire, 3650 tons of structural steel, 4,722 ft of large diameter ducting, 3,200 cubic yards of concrete, 1,340 tons of heavy equipment. All work was performed in an operating facility next to operating equipment. project was fast tracked for an 18 month time frame with 2 (30) outages scheduled for tie ins. Upon completion and implementation this facility is now operating at a 97% emission capture rate, ranking it in the top 5 globally on cleanest copper smelting facilities.

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